The scent of your wedding

Like other accessories, perfume we carry on our wedding day is very important because it is the scent that will accompany us throughout the ceremony and for the rest of our lives, and we always will remember how good it smelled special day.

Well, that's why today I will give some advice, whether to choose the right perfume to make us take a little more time on.

The first thing I have to tell is that it's best to keep a soft scent but with a spicy, a scent that is not too strong but stop to notice.

The closer we get to winter as we use essences, such as patchouli or musk, two scents that last lot in our skin. Conversely, the closer we get to summer, we use more citrus and floral fragrances.

If you want that perfume last longer because it is best to take a drop behind the knees, another behind elbows , another behind the lobes and, finally, at the neckline.


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