Yes, believe it or not there are black wedding dresses. Many women decide to move away from traditional white to bet the sober, refined and elegant black for their wedding day.

The black is not the color that comes to mind first when we think of a bride entering the church. However, black wedding dresses are a trend that is back.

Did you know that black was the color of choice for brides in the early nineteenth century? Centuries ago married women preferred color or black, never white. The tradition of white came in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert wearing that color.

Now, living the full century, black wedding dresses back in fashion. 'll Encourage you to wear that color when you give the other? If you want to be a bride original, is a good choice.

Anyway, if you choose the black, try to include some detail of color or brightness to your look, otherwise you look like a vampire on Halloween and not a girlfriend. Avoid makeup bright red lips and smokey eyes in eyes.


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