Fall 2018 Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses 2018

Victoria F-2016 -Wedding Dress

Alberta Ferretti - 2016 Bridal Collection

Flowers And Weddings

It is an unwritten law that you cannot get married without flowers. Flowers are the essence of a beautiful wedding day celebration. Flowers are a three dimensional element of your decorating strategy. Because they are beautiful, elegant, and provide a wonderful scent, flowers satisfy all senses.

The World Of Chinese Wedding Rings

Wedding is a special celebration which lasts up to a lifetime. And there could not be anything better than a wedding ring which serves as an epitome of commitment, love and trust between the two partners. Since 11th century, the ritual of exchanging wedding rings has been practiced with utmost excitement and passion. And one Asian country vehemently follows this tradition of wedding rings. Well, you guessed it right; it’s none other than China.


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