Estimating the Cost of Renting a Wedding Tent

Tents come is a vast assortment of sizes, shapes and styles. When choosing the right tent for your event, there are a number of factors that you need to consider.
Preparing for this process allows you to save time, money and trouble. To start with, gather the information you need. To determine the cost of renting a tent for your wedding event, take the following into consideration:

The number of guests you plan to invite

The prices of tents vary, depending on the style and size that will meet your requirements. To determine the price of a tent, you need the number of guests, the seating choices and embellishments to know the size of the area needed. The prices of tents range form $100 to more than $2000, depending on the style and size.

Date and time of delivery

Companies that provide tent rentals have different policies when it comes to the cost of delivery, set up fees and overtime fees. It is less complicated when the wedding event will take place in your own home. However, if the event is held at a park or any other public place where there is only limited time, you have to coordinate with someone regarding a particular event date or time.

Accessories and decorations

A majority of tents are plain and simple, with a white top. Nowadays, there are companies that provide lighting, decorations, side walls and other accessories at an additional fee. If you like your tent to be decorated, pricing will vary based on your need and preference.

Type of tent

There is a wide assortment of canopies, ranging from frame tents to pole tents and high peaks, among others. A frame tent has a full square footage that has legs around the perimeter. Based on its size, a pole tent is more economical to use. Usually, it has a pole in the middle. When a tent has poles in the center, they need to be staked to the ground. Seating and decorating have to be arranged around them. Every type of tent has a different price, depending on its complexity and set up time.

Geographic location

The prices of tent rentals vary, depending on the venue of your event. To get a nearly accurate pricing, you can search and compare prices for similar styles and sizes of tents offered by local companies within your area.

Try to get a lot of information before calling rental companies. Most websites provide an estimated quantity of guests per tent with standard layouts. There are companies that can visit your location and provide an estimate and some planning ideas. To get an average pricing for the rental of a wedding tent, you just have to know exactly what you need.

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