Do You Want Ideas for A Gatsby -Themed Wedding?

This is absolutely the perfect time to think about planning a Gatsby theme wedding with the movie out and the 1920's look getting very trendy. It was a time of pearls, feathers, music, dancing, glitz and glamour. It was a time after The Great War that people wanted to party and indulge themselves a bit.

Let's take a step back in time and recreate for that one special day the feeling of that era with these ideas and suggestions. I am anxious for you to read on so please do.

Gatsby Classic Colors and Decor

The art deco colors of that time was cream, silver, mint green, charcoal, gold and coral. Use your good taste and creative talent to incorporate the generous use of pearls and rhinestones.

Gatsby-Themed Wedding Invitations

The invitations will give your invited guests an idea of your theme so choose invitations the tell them they are in for a grand time.

Your invitation should be art deco and reflect the colors as noted above. They can be designed to be elegant or fun or both.

You might want to invite your guests to dress in the Gatsby era attire, but not make it mandatory as some may not be able to do that.

Wedding Attire for the Bridal Party

What fun you can have planning your attire for the day and you might start looking in thrift stores or estate sales or worn before shops.

Think flapper fashion for the ladies which means a column-like very straight silhouette.

Accent the look with faux or real strands of pearls, rhinestone brooches, wonderful earrings feathers and faux fur.

Make the internet your research tool and you will be happily surprised at the ideas you can get.

Complete your outfit with a lovely clutch bag and lower heeled shoes.

For your head your choices are practically unlimited. A birdcage veil, beautiful bejeweled headbands, check out veils worn in that era and have one made just for you and your dress.

The men in the party can join right in by opting for light-hued suits and a great looking fedora and a vest is a must.

The Gatsby era was also the Roaring Twenties and it was all about having a good time and opulence.

It was after the Great War and everyone was ready to party and indulge themselves with things that were glamorous and glittery.

It was a time of great music and fun dancing.

Let's Decorate Gatsby for the Reception

Start with the guest book and get an old working typewriter and have them type you messages of congratulation. It will be a great keepsake and they will having fun doing it.

You might decorate the walls of your venue with big black and white photos of glamorous times of the day.

Add to the walls by getting quotes from the Gatsby movies off of the internet and have someone write or print them on posters.

Cover your table in cream cloths with napkins in one of the contrasting colors I have mentioned above.

Centerpieces of beautiful feathers and gold confetti scattered on the tablecloth is a perfect Gatsby-look.

Another ideas you could not go wrong with is a lovely vase of 2 to the number you want of classic calla lilies and again scattering confetti around the vases.

Other popular flowers of the 1920 era are Gladiolas, mums, lilies, and gardenias.

Still another would be to use candles, elegant candles, such as pillar candles of gold, silver and white in varying heights arranged and set on a reflective mirror

Lastly, buy at a thrift or discount store or borrow from family and friends as many clear, silver or gold candelabras as you will need and place tall Gatsby-theme colored or white candles in them.

When lit what could be more glamorous and romantic than that and yet simple to do?

Now it is Time to Eat

To do food served in the 1920's/Gatsby era it should be noted that people were recovering from the Great War and food was not extravagant and costly.

Even Gatsby did not serve elaborate displays of food so if you want to go Gatsby here are some ideas of what was served.

Buffet tables, with gold or silver plates of hors d'oeuvre or finger sandwiches... peanut butter & jelly, ham, turkey, chicken salad, tomato, egg salad, cream cheese.

Spiced baked hams and fried chicken crowded next to salads of harlequin designs and pastry pigs and turkeys done to a dark gold.

Molded/fruited Jell-o salads, fruit cocktails, Caesar salad and Waldorf salad.

Deviled eggs, celery, olives, pickles, salted nuts (almonds, pecans, peanuts, filberts)

Bread sticks, Parker House rolls, saltine-type crackers, potato chips

Pineapple Upside down cake, angel or devil's food cakes, ice cream & chocolate sauce, chocolate pudding.

Of course your food choices might be very different from this, but this is quite an accurate idea of food served at parties in that day and time.

Your wedding cake is a beautiful part of your reception decoration and a Gatsby-themed cake should be a stunning creation with very smooth geometric lines to it.

Use touches of gold and edible pearls strung and draped down the cake. Don't forget the other colors I noted above which might be incorporated in the icing or candy flowers. You can really have fun with this and so can your chosen baker.

Fun and Entertainment Time

If your budget allows, a small live jazz combo is just right or have your DJ play some jazz numbers of your choice throughout. That era was often referred to as the jazz age.

Some dances popular at that time was the Charleston, the fox trot, lindy hop and black bottom. Maybe some of your guests will know them and like to give it a try on the dance floor.

For your first dance and keeping with the theme here are some suggestions and there a many more than this.

It Had To Be You - Foxtrot
Love Is The Sweetest Thing
If You Were The Only Girl In The World - Waltz
Tea For Two -
My Blue Heaven

As your fabulous day comes to an end and your wonderful new life begins the memory of your Gatsby-themed wedding will be a treasure you will always have.

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