What Should Be Included With Your Wedding Invitations?

As with any pack there will always be the main element and in this case the invitation itself is just that. Important details will need to include; name of couple, date, time and location of the wedding.
It must include the names of the bride and groom, unless the wedding is being hosted by someone different (parents), then include their names. If the reception is at another location, then this address should be added too. The colour of the invitations should compliment the overall colour theme of the wedding, so cream or white invitations would compliment a classic looking white wedding dress. Your guests will get a good understanding and learn a lot about the theme and know what to expect, if it is extremely formal, or maybe a slightly more relaxed approach.

It's vital to include reply cards in the pack with an address to send back to. Most couples will include an RSVP date on the card to give your guests plenty of time to decide whether they will be attending or not. Either include a self addressed envelope with stamp, or another good idea to keeps costs down is to include an email address to respond to with an answer. Make sure there is enough space on the card to include; guests name, attending or not attending, number of people who are attending and maybe space for extra information.

If you're inviting people who live abroad, maybe include recommended hotels near by the venue and other travel information about the area. If the bride and groom want everyone to be staying at the same hotel, they should pre-book and include the hotel information and location within the pack. Booking multiple rooms may reward you with a better rate per night at the hotel, so be sure to include any information that your guests can take with them.

For evening guests you will need to re-word the text if the reception is at a different location to the ceremony and of course the time of arrival will be later in the day. This should include: location of venue, directions (maybe include a map) and time of arrival. You can use the same invitations as with your main guests, however a simplified version could be used to save on costs. Again, this will be the first contact between the bride and groom and evening guests, so your theme and standards will be expressed.

To make the wedding invitation packs extra special and perhaps more elegant add traditional tissue paper around the main invite and tie up with nice ribbon. If you're creative I'm sure you can think of other materials to use.

Whether you're buying or making the wedding invitations it should be good fun and put you in the mind set and reality will kick in! It does make the experience exciting!

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