Completing Your Wedding Attire

Your wedding is such a special day that you want everything to be perfect. This is why the preparations usually start months before the wedding. If you are tying the knot soon, you are probably busy at this point, preparing the invites and choosing the venue.
Other than these things, you should take time finding the right clothes you and your partner will be wearing on that special day. Read on for some helpful tips.

The Wedding Gown

The rule is to choose a style that is appropriate for the ceremony. If it's a formal wedding, a floor length dress with train is the best choice. This type of wedding gown is best when worn with gloves. When it comes to the colour, white is great, of course. Ivory or cream coloured gowns are also elegant. For weddings with a casual ceremony, simple white or cream dress will do. A short veil will complete the look of the bride.

Wedding gowns also come in different styles. The most basic are princess, ball gown, sheath and empire waist. Choose one that suits your figure well. It is best to come to the dress shop with someone who can see if the gown really fits you perfectly. Other than the style, comfort should also be a priority. Make sure you can walk, sit, and bend comfortably while wearing it.

The Groom's Suit

Nothing beats the appeal of a traditional black suit, but a white one can also be stylish when it has the right style and cut. Suits for weddings are also available in colours like dark and light grey, and cream. When you go for a light coloured suit, make sure to choose a crease-resistant fabric.

While the suit should accentuate the body of the groom, it should also be comfortable to wear. Check if the fit around the shoulders is enough. If the shoulder pads extend too short or too far on the shoulder area, it means the suit is too small or too big.

Wear different colour tie to make the groom stand out from the groomsmen. The overall appeal of the suit should also match the elegance of the bride's gown.


The bridal jewellery should complete the overall appeal of the bride and the groom. The wedding bands should always have the right size and shine. There are many styles and ring settings to choose from. A pair of designer wedding rings can be more expensive, but it will surely make a huge difference on the overall look of the newlyweds.

The bands are also available in different materials depending on your budget. You can choose from gold and silver, to platinum and titanium.

Other than the wedding bands, there are other types of bridal jewellery available. You will find different styles and sizes of diamond stud earrings, bracelets, and men's cufflinks. These items are available in different prices; you can find pieces that will not hurt your budget.



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