How to prevent stretch marks

The appearance of stretch marks is one of the issues that most concerns beauty women today. Takes note of the tips offer from Choice Medical Clinic to prevent them.

Stretch marks are scars that appear flat when the skin is too abrupt changes or thins due to the effect of some drugs or hormonal processes. Option Experts Medical Clinic explains everything you need to know about stretch marks and the best tricks to prevent its occurrence

The first thing to note is that the groove is a scar, and hence it is impossible to completely remove. However, depending on the phase in the
that is, we can get better results with the various treatments available.

Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body. Prevention is essential to prevent stretch marks, so difficult to remove afterwards. Furthermore,
important to emphasize that care especially when we know we are at risk.

The six golden rules to follow to prevent their occurrence are:

Deeply moisturize skin from pre adolescence and, especially, during pregnancy with specific creams. Cosmetics containing rose hips or wheat germ oil have proven to be very effective to help repair damaged tissue. Apply daily with gentle circular massage.

For women using suitable fasteners always provide good support. Especially if you play sports.

Maintain a balanced diet and healthy.

Avoid sudden changes in the body. If you follow a diet, always count on the advice of a specialist in nutrition and dietetics.

Drink plenty of water. So, moisturize skin and interior des favor its elasticity.

Exercising regularly and controlled.


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