Christmas Weddings - I Do?

Nowadays many couples are deciding to tie-the-knot during the festive season.

Some may think that this decision is complete madness - why not get married in the summer months which are less cold, have less chance of rain and the evenings stay lighter for longer. On top of this surely during the Christmas holidays the last thing people want to do is go to a wedding when they already have so much going on.

Then there is the expensive, let's be honest Christmas isn't exactly the cheapest time of the year throw a wedding into the equation and it isn't worth thinking about. This applies to both the couple and the guest as don't forget it would be rude not to bring a present! Surely on your wedding day you want everyone's full attention instead you may end up with people having secret thoughts such as ticking off their Christmas shopping list and then making excuses to leave your wedding reception celebrations early so that they have time to go home and do some wrapping!

So why do people choose to get married in the winter? It can be said that the summer months give the opportunity for garden weddings, lakeside weddings, seaside weddings and other great outdoor ventures - but let's face it are we really guaranteed that the rain will hold off? The last thing most brides want on their wedding day is for their hair to go frizzy and their make-up to run after hours of preparation - is it really worth the risk in the summer or winter? Perhaps indoor venues are the safer option.

There are some fantastic wedding venues throughout the UK from exquisite hotels in London to country escapes in Gloucestershire and not all of them are outdoor locations. Some of the indoor venues also allow for you to bring the outside in whether this be in the design of the building or quite literally bringing outside greenery inside - instant garden wedding!

Christmas can be a truly romantic time of year people seem a lot happier (once the stress has been put to one side!) and it is known for a time to be shared with family and friends. With this in mind it makes getting married at Christmas sound quite positive. On another note some venues drop their prices over the winter months and you really can make some large savings. We also shouldn't forget the possibility of snow, OK agreed it is unlikely that your special day will get snow but it definitely isn't impossible! If you really want to embrace Christmas your theme could incorporate the season perhaps with a snow machine.

Overall I don't think a Christmas wedding is for me but I can see the appeal and the idea of creating a romantic winter wonderland is somewhat tempting...

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